Question about Odeco-chan and Nikki

Q.1 Please tell me the sizes of the wigs.

A.1 7 - 8 inches may fit.
There may be some differences depending on manufacturer and product.

Q.2 Eyelashes are separated.

A.2 They may recover when you take out the doll from a bag and keep it out for a while. Please give it a try.

Q.3 New product and previous product seem to be a little different.

A.3 To improve our products, we are continually making minor changes.
Products of a same series may have some differences depending on the time of production.

Q.4 Neck joint is loose.

A.4 When a doll is placed vertical after the head is posed (angled), and if the angle of the head stays the same, then it is not defective.
Our dolls are made by hand work one-by-one.
Please note that there are some individual differences.

Q.5 About the body

A.5 “Odeco-chan and Nikki” and “Usaggie” series use almost the same body.
Dolls are taken out of the mold by hand one-by-one, so parts may have some individual differences.
Small bubble traces, black spots, small scars, color unevenness may occur.
There may be some gaps between the parts, but that is not defective.
Lengths of hands and legs may be different between right and left.
Also, please note that dolls do not stand on their own.
Mini uses Obitsu 11cm body.

Q.6 Are there any clothes and shoes that Odeco-chan and Nikki can wear?

A.6 Please see here for the clothes and the shoes for Odeco-chan and Nikki.

They can share some clothes for “ruruko”, but the hands and the legs of Odeco-chan and Nikki are shorter. The cuffs may be narrow or the sleeve length and the hem may be too long. Nikki’s tail may not fit.

Q.7 White head and white shoes partially changed into yellow.

A.7 When PVC is sealed and kept in a dark place, yellowing may occur due to material characteristic. It may likely to recover from yellowing when it is taken out of a bag and kept at a well-ventilated, well-lighted place for one week or so. When you keep PVC products, please do not seal.

Q.8 Parts of the body of Mini (Obitsu 11 cm) fell off.

A.8 Due to Obitsu 11cm body structure, joints may fall off in rare cases when connection of parts become loose by impact at the time of transportation or the way it was handled, but it is not defective. obitsu11body01 To prevent parts from falling off, hold the body’s connection tightly to make sure it doesn’t open when you dress the doll. obitsu11body02 If the neck part fell into the head, open the lid at the back of the head and take out the neck part, and then assemble again.

Q.9 If you have questions not covered by these FAQ:

A.9 For inquiries not resolved by reading through our FAQ, please click 'Inquiry' below and submit your inquiry.