Question about PW-momoko

Q.1 The head of momoko has scratch / spot / coloring gap.

A.1 By our company inspection standards, subtle scratch, spot, coloring gap that are not able visible to (the naked eye) from 15cm away under a fluorescent light are not defective. Please excuse blur and slur, etc. by digital cameras. (this inspection standard is stricter than other companies according to our factories) Our dolls are made by hand work one-by-one. Please note that there are some individual differences.

Small stain (dust), attached hair and fiber can be taken off by a damped cotton swab.
If it looks like a scratch, spot or stain, please give it a try.
We use vacuum device to take off haircut pieces one-by-one, but it is difficult to take them all off. Please note that tiny pieces may attach to the face by impact from transportation, etc.

About scratches and spots other than the above, please contact us via “Inquiry”.

Q.2 There are dents on the inner end of eyebrows of momoko.

A.2 Dents on the inner end of eyebrows are created from prototype for the purpose to color the eyebrows. Our dolls are made by hand work, so there may be some differences between right and left or there may be individual differences from coloring, but dents appear on all of momoko. head-mayu-mold

Q.3 Neck is stiff, it doesn’t bend.

A.3 The neck of the body of momoko may be stiff at first due to the joint structure.
When you bend it strongly one time, then the joint moves smoothly afterwards.

Q.4 Movement of the joints such as elbows, knees and wrists are different for right and left.

A.4 The body of momoko is made by hand work one-by-one, so it is difficult to make it completely symmetrical.
Please note that there are some individual differences.

Q.5 Do you sell body and head parts?

A.5 No, we do not sell any parts. We apologize.

Q.6 Same products are slightly different in hair length, pocket placement, etc.

A.6 Almost all procedures are performed by hand work, so please note that identical products may have some differences.

Q.7 There is a cut at the heel of a shoe, is this defective?

A.7 Some shoes have a cut at the heels to slip-on smoothly.

Q.8 If you have questions not covered by these FAQ:

A.8 For inquiries not resolved by reading through our FAQ, please click 'Inquiry' below and submit your inquiry.